Friday, May 23, 2008

Daytime Pictures

Here is the view from my sewing machine. Unfortunately, this window faces due west, so the afternoons are a little less interesting as all I get to look at are the curtains.
That factory there, or office building - whatever it is. I think I'm seeing more birds enter through the broken and open windows than I see people going in. Weird.

You didn't really need to see that my stash is safe and sound, but I really needed to show it off...Ain't it inspiring?

And speaking of showing off:

Art Werk #2
Completed 24 May 2008
15 3/8" X 13"
For purchasing information, please email me


Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Tour Of The Studio

Well, the studio is all unpacked now, and with the exception of some quilts that I don't have a home for, it is done. Here is the tour:

We'll start with the door, which is set at an angle to the room. I have my fused fabric stored on the back of the door here. To the right is my cutting table.

The wall behind my cutting table is where I plan to install my pin-up wall.

This shelf in the corner used to be in my daughter's room, but it didn't work in the new house. So, now it houses my fabric scrap bins.

The futon chair used to be in my daughter's room, too, but it's so comfortable I didn't want to part with it. It doesn't really fit in my studio well, and is currently storing all the quilts I couldn't fit elsewhere. Must sell these or get them up on the walls...

Here is the bookshelf from the previous studio, and my sewing table. Took these pictures at night. It's a nice view. I'll post it tomorrow.

This dresser was given to me, along with its twin, by my friend Akiko. Since this room has no built in closet (honestly, where would it go?), this seemed like a good solution for all the stuff I had put away at the other place.

And back to where we started from. You can tell, I think, that this room is very small compared to the last place. It's been a challenge to find space for everything, and we've had to get rid of some things. That's always a good thing, isn't it? Should make our return to the states go a little easier if we have fewer possessions.
So that's all for the tour today. There will be more to see tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

After the Move

Of course, we're still unpacking and finding homes for things.  We had to put everything on hold for about a week as we all got sick.  I'm finally feeling better, symptom-free but I tire easily.  Unfortunately, both my daughter and husband aren't feeling well, again!  He's stayed home from work today, and the doctor prescribed antibiotics.  She's just too sick to feel well, but not sick enough to warrant staying home from school or a trip to the doctor.  Yet.  When will it end?

I spend the majority of my day today unpacking and arranging my studio.


But, it's not done yet...

On another note, I was totally blessed and thrilled to pieces to be able to meet Timothy Bottslast weekend.
I have been a big fan of his work for nearly 20 years now and when I found out he was going to be in Singapore, I jumped at the chance to meet him. Such a nice, generous guy. And I got the chance to take a workshop with him while he was here, too. It was a dream come true. 
Here is what I made in the workshop.