Sunday, March 1, 2009

Technique Lust

Definition: [n.] The desire to create something, which includes learning a new technique or combining techniques already mastered but previously uncombined, thereby giving the creator satisfaction; however, the creator also is being distracted from a creation she should be working on, and the new creation is, once complete, not interesting anymore: the desire is gone.

I made a fishy. This is from a online class I took from It was fast, so I wasn't being distracted forever.

The class involves making a wrapped-fabric bead (something I've done with paper before), encasing the bead with stitched felt and then distressing the felt with a heat gun until basically nothing remains but the stitching (I've done similar things with Solvy - a soluble stabilizer). Then the stitching gets painted (never done that before - woowoo!) and the fins are made by distressing some organza (also new to me) and attached with fabric glue. Then I glued on the eyes.

Well, I know I'm never going to use these techniques in any of my quilts, so really this was just a study in distraction. Distraction can be good, if you are under stress and so forth, but on hindsight, I would probably just advise myself to skip it.

Another symptom of Technique Lust: once you've made your thing, you haven't any idea what to do with it.