Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Getting Something Accomplished

After languishing around the house for the last week, I finally felt well enough yesterday to make something. What a wonderful feeling it is to be healthy. And, it also happened to be my husband's birthday, so I had a project in mind.

I had seen a project like this online, using freezer paper as a template to paint a shirt. Basically, you trace your design on the paper side of the freezer paper, cut it out using an xacto blade or small scissors, and iron on the shirt where you want it. Then you iron on another sheet of freezer paper on the inside so the paint wont leak through. Then you paint it.

Unfortunately for me, I had to put the paint on 3 different times. Or rather, I had to try 3 different paints. The first one I tried was Setacolor Jaquard fabric paint. But this is transparent. Wont show up on a dark green shirt. Then I tried this Pentel fabric paint. It seemed to work, but when it was dry, it was barely visible. So I resorted to good old acrylic paint. Of course this worked. Duh.

'THIS SHIRT GOES OVER MY HEAD' get it? It's a double entendre. If you don't get it, then it's perfect.

Anyway, while I was waiting for the paint to dry, three different times, I decided to make a small quilt for this frame I bought 2 weeks ago at Muji.

Mini Mansions
5" x 14"


This frame is plexi with stainless attachments and sits on a desk or bookshelf.  I like the way it looks a lot and will probably be making more mini quilts to frame this way.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I once saw a girl walking around on Orchard Road here in Singapore, wearing a t-shirt with the above caption on it. The funny thing was that I saw her a few days after returning from a stay at my sister's house, where I was encouraged to drink more water nearly everyday. I wish I had listened.
If you think you drink enough water everyday, drink more.  You probably don't drink enough.
Roughly 80% of all kidney stone cases here in Singapore are caused by dehydration.  Or so my urologist informed me yesterday.  I drink at least 2 cups of tea every morning.  And I have milk or water or something with every meal.  But apparently, that isn't enough.
I was told that I need to take 2.5 litres of fluid everyday.  This is after I had been diagnosed as having kidney stones.  It doesn't have to be all water, I was assured.  It could be tea or coffee or soup or whatever.  But, for now, I'm to stay away from caffeine.
Trust me when I say you do not want to develop kidney stones.  
So, go and have a glass of water or two.  Drink it cold or warm, like they do here in Asia.  Whatever.  Drink, drink, drink.