Saturday, February 9, 2008

Itchin' to Create

Earrings with clear and emerald Swarovski crystals

While I'm recovering from this horrid head cold, I don't really want to work on anything that will require most of my brain.  Making a pair of earrings is just the ticket - just difficult enough to interest me, but if it gets too hard, I can put it away.  Like I need another pair of earrings?  Not.  So, I got my tools and supplies out and decided to use the rest of the Swarovski crystals I had laying around.  I'm so thankful to Akiko for teaching me how to make the middle "bead of beads" - makes these earrings much more interesting.

Of course, I made more than one pair of earrings, but with Valentine's Day coming, and a daughter with pierced ears, I can't show you the others.  Maybe she will blog about them later.

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