Sunday, March 9, 2008

Fun Weekend

I just spend a fun weekend with my family.  We didn't do anything tooooo spectacular, but we were very silly all along the way.  There was a walk-a-thon at my daughter's school, very well organized event, and afterwards we took a dip in our pool - we were so hot.  Sunday after church we went downtown and saw the Spiderwick Chronicles - very good movie for kids.

But it was also a weekend where we said things that were silly, and then repeated those things all weekend long, getting big laffs each time.  My favorite sayings were: (from my husband to my daughter) "Does my thumb fit in your armpit??"  And there was something about a lumpy koala that kept coming up.  And, "you go hungry, bow bow bow."  Inside jokes all, I know, but it's so nice when everybody is in such a great mood that we just laff and laff. 

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