Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Last of Chatsworth, Maybe

I went through my pictures for the last part of our day at Chatsworth, and found over 20 that I want to share!
But then I should be done with my favorite day and I can move on to other things.

These are actually three different baby robins that we saw after leaving the house.  The first two were momentarily captured by myself and my daughter, respectively.  No baby birdies were injured, and they were immediately released after a short cuddle.

After a few more steps, we found ourselves near the Vine House. Oh my. Another wonderful place to spend the rest of my life. Don't these look delicious?

Just a few of the magnificent blooms we encountered.  

And here we are, blooming ourselves.   Idiots, that is.

The top of the Cascade.
Someone really happy at the top of the Cascade.

We caught this pheasant helping himself to some chicken feed.  We happened upon more pheasants in the woods a few minutes after this shot.  Just wandering around, eating whatever.

Did I mention I love chickens?  Aint he a beaut?

Not the maze, but it reminded us that we hadn't conquered the maze earlier.  My daughter really wanted to conquer the maze.  So, we decided to give it one last try.
We were heading down some stone stairs towards the maze when I noticed little bugs jumping out of our way.  Little bugs that weren't bugs at all.  As soon as they warmed up in our hands, they stopped trying to get away.  
I told you this was a magical place!

Here is a view of the maze from those stone stairs.  Taunting us.
And they have wonderful gardens planted around the maze to tempt unsuspecting tourists.  I think these are called lupins.
And here is proof that we conquered the maze!  The olive tree is at the center.  We just missed a hidden entry in one of the corners.  This attempt took us little time at all.  Almost anti-climactic, after all we'd seen and done.
But it was getting on past 5:30 when we came out of the maze.  We were one of the last to leave Chatsworth, and it was with a full heart that I climbed behind the wheel and drove us back to Uttoxeter.
Goodbye, sheep of Chatsworth.


Ursula said...

I enjoy looking at the pictures. What kind of camera are you using?
I want to buy one, but do not know which to choose, there are so many.

Brooke said...

Ursula, camera shopping can be exasperating. Most of these pictures were shot by my husband on his Canon EOS 350D. My camera is a Canon PowerShot A70, older than dirt, but I still love the pictures it takes. Actually, the only picture I took from this last post is the one of my daughter and husband at the center of the maze. The rest he shot.
Hope that helps. He really loves his camera. You can see more of his pictures by clicking the link on my side bar: Terry's pictures. Good luck!

Ursula said...

I have a Canon PowerShot S110, few years old too. Still works, I feel guilty to want to buy a new one..