Monday, January 12, 2009

More Crochet

This is one of the projects I've completed lately. It's a scarf made of light gray mohair in a lace pattern. The pattern is from a book called Crochet Designs by Tess Dawson. I'm having difficulty photographing it properly. Seems like having Singapore as a backdrop doesn't really work. Hmm...

And this is fun! Can you believe it? I crocheted a mitten. Pattern from Lion Brand Yarn site.

And as you can see, it fits! Of course, I intend to make the other one very soon.

This is a neck warmer and I made up the pattern myself. No, don't ask me for it. I wasn't paying attention. Ok, I think it's 90 stitches long, and I used single crochet except where I wanted the hole to be. There I did 10 slip stitches and then when I returned I did 10 chains, and that was done at 5 rows in, so I think it's 10 rows total. And then the fuzzy yard was added to the edge, and I did 2 sc in each space to make it wider than the other part.
How's that for a pattern?

So, you must be wondering what I am thinking, making all these cold weather items in Singapore. Well, it looks as if my family will be leaving the island this summer for good, and wherever we are going, they will have a winter there. So I'm just being prepared.
Plans are not definite yet, so forgive me for being oblique. When I know for certain, I'll let you know.


Akiko said...

Wow, you are having fun with yarns. I like the "thumb up" photo!! Yeah! Do you sweat when you crochet or turn the AC higher?

CB said...

The mittens and neckwarmer are very cute. Love the fuzzies. Mohair makes me want to itch... but looks so romantic ;)