Saturday, April 4, 2009

New Hatchlings!

These are all the current birds: some new, some old. 
Aren't they cute?

These are all the new hatchlings.
From left to right:
tickled pink, a red birdie of passion, two purple birdies of serenity, a blue birdie of happiness, a green birdie of enthusiasm, and two black birdies of total sophistication and coolness.

I'm very pleased with the interest shown and sales are going swimmingly. 

Next week, barring unforeseen difficulties, I should get my Etsy store up and running. 
The special discounted price for blog readers (see previous post) will be in effect for only a short time longer, so don't hesitate! 

I take Paypal, but can work out a special deal if you would like to pay with a check.

Here's a teaser of some of the fabrics I will be using for the next batch of hatchlings.


Deb said...

OMG they are beautiful. Too Cute

Candied Fabrics said...

Yes...they are so "tweet"! love them!

Linda Branch Dunn said...

O my I love these! May I post about a picture and a pointer on my blog?

Akiko said...

You need to make some eggs!!! I love the colors. You are so good at playing with the colors. I like their names, too. I cannot wait to see the next hatchlings!!

Priscilla said...

Shouldn't sales be going flyingly? or some such? :-)

Quilts by Lisa said...

The ARE too cute! Good job.

Rachel said...

These little birdies are so cute! I like your fabric choices.