Friday, January 18, 2008


My "vintage" Nokia handphone

Yesterday, I got a call from my husband. He needed me to meet him so we could take care of getting our green cards. As I was traveling towards that destination, he called again to inform me that we needed our daughter to come, too. School had just gotten out, but she had not turned on her hand phone. So, I called the school, and a few minutes later, she called me back.
I had to get off the train, cross the platform and go back three stops so that I could meet her. We communicated a few times, via our hand phones, until we were together, and then I called my husband again to inform him we were both coming. She and I got back on the train, and within a few stops, my husband called again to tell me he didn't have the necessary paperwork to complete the transaction, so we would have to do it another day, but could we meet him for dinner?

Long story short, if we hadn't had the hand phones, all three of us, none of this would have been so smooth. As it was, the entire trip took 3 hours, including dinner, but it could have taken much longer.

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