Sunday, July 6, 2008

The English Trip

Well, having survived jet lag, TWICE, I think I am now ready to post pictures from our 10 day trip.

I will try to not overwhelm blogger with my pictures, and will therefore only post the highlights one day at a time, or something like that.

We arrived at London's Heathrow Airport (I've always wanted to say that!) at approximately 6 pm on Friday, the 4th of July (I know, I know - but how patriotic can I be in Singapore anyway?) It took us roughly 3 hours to do all that arrival and travel stuff before we were comfortably situated at our hosts' home in the suburb of Brent.

They fed us and sent us to bed. The next morning, we rode the underground into town and went to the British Museum.

The weather wasn't too cooperative, but we didn't mind. We were either inside or out running around in the rain. It was a delightful change from Singapore's climate.

We saw Cleopatra, the Jericho Tomb, the Rosetta Stone and tons and tons of stuff. Then my husband bought me some jewelry.

Ahem. Just kidding.
Next we went to...

and we saw...

Next we walked down to the river and saw some more neat stuff.

Yes, the cure for jet lag is to walk around looking at everything for 8 or 10 hours. And drink lots of caffeine. The sun rises at 4 am and sets at 10 pm in the UK - very different from the steady 7 am 7 pm of Singapore. It totally knocked us off kilter. But between my husband and myself, we took nearly 3000 pictures. Obviously, there will be a slide show or some such thing in our future. I will link here.

And thus ended our first day. We fell into bed, exhausted, and slept poorly. Isn't that what you do on vacation?


Mrs. Mel said...

Now that's what I call a great blog entry! Yay you!

CB said...

Great exploring and what fun! Makes me want to visit the British Museum again - now that I'm older and possibly appreciate it more.

chanakiko said...

So good to see your blog updated after waiting for SO long. You are finally fully awake?!