Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More of England

On Sunday morning, we went to church with our host. Since he needed to be at church early, however, we decided to take a short walk and visit Ben. Big Ben, that is.

I didn't think to turn on the video recorder on my camera until almost too late.

We were also at Westminster Abbey that morning.

You can't tell from these pictures, but this was the day we discovered we hadn't brought warm enough clothes. It rained so much while we were there, and it was cold. But no matter, they sell warm clothes in England (funnily enough), and so after church we went to Oxford Circus and did some shopping.

I bought this red hooded sweatshirt with LONDON on the chest. It was really warm and kept me mostly dry. But you'll have to wait to hear about where this picture was taken!

Glory got this fleece jacket and two scarves - the pink one and a green one. Everybody in England wears scarves - even in July, so she fit right in. These gardens are near Buckingham Palace.

After the shopping spree, we rode the underground to the British Library. They don't allow pictures, so I'll just tell you that we saw books written by Jane Austen and William Shakespeare, several illuminated manuscripts, the Magna Carta, and a copy of the Lindisfarne Gospel. We only had a half hour to run through there, but it was thrilling.

Later we had a yucky pizza (only Chicago has good pizzas, it would seem) and went back to our hosts' home. Monday would see us leaving London for a trip to the countryside.


chanakiko said...

Cool red jacket. Really like it. Hand me down someday!
Love Glory's scarf. Pink is good!!

Anonymous said...

"Only Chicago has good pizza"

- yes the word "pizza" was of course invented in America.

Duh !