Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Filling In The Blanks

Well, this is the solution to the problem of the gaping holes in my quilt top. I'm showing it to you step by step.

I actually took 40 photos of the process, but I wont bore you.

I'm dragging it out like this for you because this is what it was like for me. It took me all stinking day!

Ok, so I could sense your impatience.

This last corner has more filler than motifs, but I kinda like that.

Ok, ok. Here it is, unbound, unquilted.

And I am so happy with it. But I discovered I don't have a piece of batting big enough, so I have to go downtown. And tomorrow is the pre-Thanksgiving blur, so it probably wont happen until next week. Sigh.

Wheee! I am so happy with this quilt!


Melody said...

Such a fabulous solution!! I am soooooo proud. I love love love it.
What a stupendous idea. Man o man.

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Perfect solution!
Wonderful quilt.

Deborah Boschert said...

Fantastic. Love it.

Fabric Fanatic said...

Brooke I love it too! How did you happen to find filler fabric with circles? Did you make the fabric?
Clever girl.

Kristin said...

This looks great! I actually thought you would be using stripes as the filler, but what you've done is probably more cohesive as a design element. Will you be adding any beads?

Kristin in SC

Brooke said...

Dear Kristin,

No, I don't do that kind of embellishment on my quilt anymore. I find that the time it takes to do something like that doesn't justify doing it, especially since I try to design quilts that will stand without embellishments, you know? The current craze to add beads and angelina fibers and layers of paint and photographs seems to me to be a way of just hiding that the design is weak. I'd rather let my quilts be about the fabric.

Thanks for asking and giving me a chance to soap box.

Liz said...

I was wondering how you were going to finish this beautiful quilt. I'm glad you showed how on your blog. How big is it?

dee said...

It looks great Brooke. How wonderful your work is becoming. I really enjoyed watching the progress.

Kristin said...

Hi Brooke,

Thanks for your answer! I agree that using the embellishments can sometimes hide a weak design, although I think they can also be used effectively. I think it depends on the effect one is trying to achieve. I do love what you've done. For some reason beads popped into my mind as a possibility - using them perhaps in the middle of the circles, judiciously, to enhance them. It was just a thought. Carry on!

Kristin in SC