Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Current Status

If you have been following along with our home audience, then you will recognize that I have removed the center 4-block square that I had before. It wasn't working for me, altho I did reuse some of those blocks in the center.  I also changed out two blocks that had grey for the background.  They were just stopping my eye.  So now I'm really liking this.  Funny thing is, it's not exactly what I was aiming for originally.  It has evolved, and I just went with it.  

I really like how I can see the whole piece when I post it on the blog, or just take a picture of it, really.  When I'm standing in front of it, I can't tell much about it, but when I look at a picture, I can really see the whole thing at once.  

And looking at it this way,  I can see two blocks I'm going to switch.  Hee hee.

Now comes the scary part:  fusing these parts together and filling in the open spaces.  I have a great idea (I think) for the open parts, but I'll post about that later....


Kristin said...

I think this is coming together very nicely. I didn't like the dark gray squares either, and I agree that the center 4 patch squares weren't quite working. It's interesting to see how this is evolving. It's looking great!

Kristin in SC

Ursula said...

I like it how it comes together. Very nice.
I’m making a folder just for your work and instructions.
I hope when you are back in USA that you will start teaching like you sister used to do.
P.S. Thank you for your Layered Fusing Tutorial

speakchinese said...

it is amazing to see how it comes together, thanks.

Marianne Bos said...


Its looking great- love the circle filler fabric. Im guessing that you dyed that yourself as it matches so well. Am looking forward to seeing it in real life when its finished!