Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Here are some further pictures of the current work.
As you can see, I have rearranged the existing blocks once again.  I think I'm more drawn to the Around The World layout.

When does a few green blocks become enough green blocks?  I would never know if it weren't for my pin up wall.

And here you can see that I started filling in the white spaces with the grey scale fabric I have. Not sure if that will stay or not. Love the blue, don't you?

I made some great progress today, but felt compelled to stop when my mp3 player ran through my podcasts.  I need to reload, but I also need to take a break and do some housework.  Fah!  When I feel overwhelmed, the house is clean.  When I feel on a roll, I need to stop.  Figures.


chanakiko said...

Yes. I love this blue. Interesting relationship between housework and artwork.

Ursula said...

I like the Around The World layout.
Thank you for posting your progress.
I'm learning ;)

Q: Do you fuse all the circles on top of each? Are there about 5-6 layers on each square?

Brooke said...

Dear Ursula,

You are the best for asking pertinent questions!

No, I am cutting away the back of each circle so there isn't a huge mountain of fabric for each motif. Conveniently, this leaves me with the starters for the next motif. Although you could say there are 5-6 layers on each square, the reality is that the back looks just like the front, with more overlapping.

I think I will try to blog about this soon, with pictures, so keep checking in.
Thanks for the question.

CB said...

I love colours and you are gifted at putting them together. I'm still trying to work out the logic of clean house and being on a roll...