Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Last Bit

Here is the quilt top finished, but not trimmed or fused to the batting yet. While I enjoyed making the medium and large sections, my favorite bit was the little "bubbles" - as I've come to think of them. I think that idea will continue to feature in the next quilt or quilts.

And here I've fused the quilt to the batting. This is the point of no return. It's not impossible to change things if you've only got fabric fused to fabric, but once it's fused to the batting, it becomes a sticky mess to try and change something and I have never tried.

I was tempted to do an old-fashioned binding on this quilt, but it's been so long that I just didn't feel up to it. So I did my favorite escape hatch finish and then quilted it up.

Fizzy Pink Lemonade
17" x 15.75"
Here are some details. You will notice that you can't see the quilting. Isn't that so great? I'm so pleased. My new machine is the bomb.


Kristin said...

Hi Brooke,

I love your new finished piece! Great a propos title, too. Thanks for sharing.

Kristin in SC

chanakiko said...

The color of the quilt looks slightly different in the different photos. One looks greenish and the other more yellowish. I like the first (very top) photo. When I looked at your sketch, I was thinking of roses or green leafy plants. Mmmmm, pink lemonade. Interesting! I am picturing so many different things. ah, oh.. that... yes... mm....

CB said...

Such lively bubbles! I like both the greenish and yellowish pictures - not sure which one the original is closer to. The greenish one gives a more "tangy" flavor! Love the pops of pink!

Inmapatchwork said...

Muy bonito, me ha encantado

Quilts by Lisa said...

Oh my goodness! This is, by far, the most creative, inspirational and dynamic quilt I've ever seen. It's absolutely GORGEOUS! I love the motion -- just stunning! It is the only quilt I've ever seen that I actually want to buy. Brava, Brooke!