Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Spoiler Alert












Well, I finished a project today. Obviously a Christmas present for my daughter. I got the pattern here, but I couldn't find grey eyelash yarn without going all over the island to look for it. Instead, I found some really soft light grey kid mohair yarn, which I doubled up with some dark grey wool and cotton yarn I already had. It's not as fuzzy as the original, but after I brushed it I discovered that it's quite soft. I also decided I did not like the way the original feet and wings were done, so I adapted my own ideas.

I also had to make him a snack. It's a long time until Christmas for a little penguin, although he has the appearance of one who doesn't need to worry about getting enough to eat. That's the least of his worries.

So here are the feet I made. I changed the pattern to make 2 distinct feet with 3 toes each.

Here is a top view. His beak isn't always bent like that.

And here's the final shot of the potholders before I wrapped them.

My daughter is carrying the first pair to her piano lesson this afternoon.


chanakiko said...

Don't I love the way you put the words together. How you present them. LOL. I definitely like the second photo. He/she? looks SO cute that way. You'd better keep him in the fridge 'till Christmas.

Melody said...

A-DORABLE. Who wouldn't love him?
And aren't you clever to redesign it for your own tastes.
And I love the fish!

CB said...

Love the chubby guy and the huge snack. You're just working, working, working away...