Saturday, December 20, 2008

Craft Therapy

This afternoon, we had family craft time. My husband had been saving empty toilet paper rolls for weeks, insisting that he was going to make something out of them. The original plan was an angel choir, but I didn't really think I would want to live with something like that in my house. Never mind the fact that we have very little horizontal surface that isn't decorated already.

So, I got out the paint and glitter and covered the table. I summoned both husband and daughter, and we started painting

We painted both the inside and the outside.

After the paint was dry, the cuts were made. First, I followed the line of one of the seams.

Then, I cut again every half inch or so.

The cuts were made to about 1/4" from the top.

After cutting, I made a slight crease at the top of each spiral, parallel to the top of the tube, to make them curl back in towards the center.

It was at this point that the glitter and sequins were added to most of the ornaments - this one was glittered before cutting. Two holes were pushed through the top of the tubes, a thread was drawn through, and they were ready to hang.

Well, at least it kept us off the street for a couple of hours.


chanakiko said...

What a wonderful creative fun way to spend the holiday with family. What happened to the star?

Melody said...

Wow, whoda thunk you could get something so nice from toilet paper tubes. Amazing. And your choice of colors...heh heh heh.
Merry Christmas!

Rhonda said...

How beautiful. My initial look said they were made from a swanky paper product. Indeed.

Kristin said...

This is too funny! I've been saving toilet paper rolls for awhile now, thinking I would do something with them in fabric. It never occured to me to paint them! What a clever idea! I think they look great, especially in a group.

Kristin in SC