Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Further Adventures

Today I realized I needed some gifts for the people who provide services for my daughter: her piano teacher, her drama coach, and the people who allow her to ride along with them to school every day. My sister had sent me a picture of some lovely patchwork pot holders, and it was these that provided the inspiration.



The first pair

I will be making at least 3 pairs of these. Tutorial, anyone?

And here's the results for yesterday's cookie fiasco:

I baked up a dozen, and we tasted them before we frosted them. Not very cinnamon-y, but my husband thought they kinda tasted like snickerdoodles. I was hoping for something that would taste and smell very cinnamon-y, especially while baking. But oh well. They tasted fine.

I went ahead and made some powdered sugar frosting, but my green food coloring (purchased in Singapore, of course) is rather lime green colored. I wanted a nice pine color, but I wound up with a not very nice olive color. Oh well, again.

I made a dozen, there's only 7 here, and at the time of posting, they are all gone. I decided to finish batch tomorrow. I will frost them white and put silver decors on them. That will be much more elegant.

File this under Good Ideas:

Recently, I decided it was too much of a hassle to take down this large tub of flour off a shelf over my head whenever I needed a small amount for this or that. So, I started looking around for a container that could hold a small amount of flour, and be more convenient.

I was about to dispose of this jar after transferring the Equal out of it to another container I like to keep it in, when I noticed the suitability of this jar for my other purpose.

One of the things I frequently only need a small amount of flour for is to sprinkle on my board to keep dough from sticking. The lid of this jar twists so that one can sprinkle the contents. Isn't that too neat?


Cindy said...

Wow, love this idea! I might have to copy it.
For Xmas presents this year I made coffee sleeves. (picture on my blog) Inside I used the Insul-bright. Did you use a similar thing inside of these or just regular batting?

Brooke said...

No, Cindy. I know such a thing exists as a heat-resistant fabric, but it's a little comical to think I would be able to find it here in Singapore.
Now I'll get comments telling me where to buy the stuff!

I just used a triple layer of batting. It should be enough. I hope.

Melody said...

I love the potholders and especially the flour shaker jar. What a super idea. I know I need one too.
Hmmm, what have I got that will work?

Fabric Fanatic said...

That's good thinking on the flour container. I'm stealin' that one!

chanakiko said...

Yes. Tutorials, please.