Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Never Ending Cooking Saga

When I say never ending, what I really mean is that this cookie recipe makes 8 dozen cookies! That's 96 stinking cookies! Man oh man!

But I am pleased with how they turned out. They taste good, too. Or so my family avers.

At the last dozen, I ran out of frosting. So I used the next best thing (my husband would say the frosting is the next best thing!)
Not quite as elegant, maybe, but they taste nice.

That's a lotta cookies for a family of 3! I will be gifting some of these, I think.


Melody said...

They look delish. I always like a nice brown tree cookie.

chanakiko said...

You have so much patience!!! I would probably frost first 10 cookies, then just eat the rest without frosting or dip into the Nutella. You'd better hurry and eat them all before the cookies gets soft from all the humidity in Singapore.

Brooke said...

The dough can benefit from a little humidity, but I have stored the cookies in the freezer, anyway.