Monday, January 5, 2009

Crochet Shenanigans

For Christmas, I crocheted my husband a brain.

Not because he doesn't already have one, but because his interests have turned toward the study of the brain and its functions. It's all pretty egg-heady to me.

Obviously, it's not anatomically correct. Nor is it the right color. But since it's a work of art, none of that matters.
Badge by Nut and

And then suddenly, I was taken by the crochet fairies and had to make something else.

Crochet belt, from Lion Brand Yarn's free crochet catalog.

And here it is, modeled on some lovely young lady I know.


Akiko said...

Wow, wow, wow. This belt is so cute. I think the model is so good, that's why make this thing looks even prettier. If I wear it, I am not sure.... But, I must make one, just because it's cute.
Oh, BYW. So, what does he do with it??

Marianne Bos said...

Happy new Year Brooke,

Love the belt and the brain....I had never thought of crocheting a brain - probably because I cant crochet.
I too am curious what one does with a brain.

Really loved the belt and very hip!
See you back in warm and sunny singapore next week!

Melody said...

Too cute of course.

Kristin said...

The belt is really cute and looks great on your daughter! She could be a model! The croceted 'brain' is very clever.

K in SC

Fabric Fanatic said...

in your best John Wayne voice ~ "that's a mighty nice brain you got there, young lady"
You know when the print loads faster than the pictures on a blog you kinda have to sit there and figure out what's going on before you get visuals, and your blog today was muy interesante! i was alternately cracked up and curious.
I remember when I had narrow hips and a waist like your daughter...I think I was about 8 years old, though. Nice belt and wonderfully modeled too!

CB said...

You are so funny! Can your husband wear his brain? The belt is so pretty. How come you always find the nicest things?