Thursday, January 1, 2009

Family Craft Time - Part Deux

For Christmas this year, my family bought me the materials to make this candle set.

It was a tube of lilac scented gel wax with wicks and the three jars and stand. And they also included a bag of small river rocks.

We each took a jar and put whatever we wanted in it. I contributed beads, sequins, glitter, and paint pens.

I chose a very simple, uncomplicated design. Just some square purple beads, some glass beads, some few sequins and some glitter sprinkled on top.
My husband decided to use the river rocks, some of which he painted with a silver paint pen, some sequins and some glitter on top.

Can you see the smiley face?

Here's his from the top.

Of course, my daughter really outdid us all. She added so much stuff that I was worried it was going to be, well - really busy.
 You see, I suggested before we started that we might be able to layer the "ingredients" within the gel, and so we put some gel in, added some bling, added more gel, and so on. But the gel wasn't thick enough to support the beads and sequins, so they all just piled up on the bottom.

Here's the top of her candle. As you can tell, she was having a glitter overdose.

And being the mother that I am, I figured that hers was always going to be more flashy than mine or my husband's.

But she proved that her way of doing things was really the right way! Having all that stuff in there to catch the light when the candles are lit makes her candle the most interesting, the prettiest one of the bunch.

I think it was such a nice idea for my family to get me a present for Christmas that would allow me to express my creativity - and them to express theirs right along with me. I hope they think to do this for me another time. We had fun.


Akiko said...

What a nice gift and what a wonderful family that you all gather together to do the crafts together. (^_^)
I see, by the time you lit the candle, everything settled at the bottom..... mm.. put a small action figure! Do you have a small firefighter figure???

Melody said...

Now I wanna play.

Carmen Rose said...

What a great family project! Love them!

CB said...

What fun! Your husband's look good from the top. So, when everything is burnt down, you can just add another wick and gel and start again?

Kristin said...

I echo Akiko's 1st statement. You indeed have a wonderful family and it is great that you can all sit down together and do crafts and have fun doing it. And the candles look great! What a cool idea. I haven't seen these before.

Kristin in SC