Sunday, February 15, 2009

Does This Make You Happy?

Yeah, me too.

I have been so distracted lately with all sorts of different things. I had to chase one particular rabbit down a very long and involved hole just to see where it would go, and I'm so glad that's over!

So yesterday (yes, a Sunday!) I started a new quilt. It felt so good, so right, to be working on this. It's like I really know this is what I'm supposed to be doing.

Not that I can't do other things, too.

This is the beginning of yet another scarf I'm working on. It's sooo soft!

And then there's other things that I want to do, because I'm awesome.

These are red blood cell cookies and white blood cell marshmallows with coconut. They are for a science project my daughter is doing at school today. Aren't they crazy? Aren't I awesome?

And the house is a mess and I have choir practice today and I must go grocery shopping. Mountain of dishes left over from the weekend. But this quilt is going to get made.
It's making me happy.


GARI said...

Sometimes you just have to quilt.

Akiko said...

Quilting, crocheting, and such are therapeutic to me. I sometimes do the dishes in the candle lights with music. Then, even doing the dishes could be not too bad.

Akiko said...

BTW, you are awesome!!! I wished I had the mom like you who makes such super duper special cool cookies.
A friend has some yarn just like you are using in this photo. Can you tell me what kind of stitch you are using? What kind of crochet pattern you have?

Melody said...

Awesome seems inadequate to describe you. Superfantastic.
Tell all about those blood cookies. Do they actually taste good?

Kristin said...

The quilt looks like the start of something fabulous!

The cookies look interesting.

Kristin in SC

CB said...

Please tell me I can buy super soft yarn here in Singapore too, cheaply. I want to make some supersoft fuzzy something too!

You are so incredibly talented! Red blood cells and white blood cells cookies?! So cool!