Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Great Yarn Fiasco

You think this looks bad, but really it's on it's way to being much better.

I used to store my yarns in that bin. Loose. And loose yarns did what they always do in a cramped space: they reproduced. They made this lovely little yarn tangle, which actually used to be much bigger before I started organizing.

Recently I bought some new yarn, and when it wouldn't fit in the bin, I knew I had to take action. First I bought some gallon sized ziploc bags. I wish I had noticed that they were the blue ones before I bought them, but oh well. They were on sale. Next I started organizing the yarn into these bags by weight.

Here we have some fingering weight, I think. Or is it called bedspread weight? I can't imagine making a whole bedspread out of these tiny threads, but I'm sure someone, somewhere, has done it.

Next we have some yarns of similar weight but different.

I discovered while doing this that if I leave a little opening in the ziploc, I can fit much more in the bin. I can squish the air out of the bags as I go along. I'm not particularly interested in having the bags keep the yarns clean or dry. The bin will do that.

I just want to keep them from swapping genetic material.

And oh! Aren't these some pretty yarns? The red and teal ones are new. They are mohair/acrylic and so soft and fuzzy. Can't wait to see what project I'll be using these for. Probably not scarves, tho. Too itchy. Leg warmers, maybe?

I love eyelash yarn. Can you tell?

On the very top I have more new yarn: some very soft acrylic in white and multi. I will want to get into these soon.

And so there you have it: all my yarns fit in the bin and they're neat and organized, and protected prophylactically.

Well, almost all my yarns fit in the bin.

These yarns are some that I have decided need to live at a new home. So if you're reading this Carol, and you don't want any of these yarns, speak now or they are showing up with me at your house on Friday!

Except for the granny squares. I will repurpose those, I think. Maybe they need to be potholders or coasters or something...

And here is proof that I got the lid on:

And the moral of the story is: I will not buy anymore yarn until I use up some of the yarns I already have. The end.


nbalike said...
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nbalike said...
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Carmen Rose said...

Wow, you've been busy! Looks great! No more swaping genetic material! ROFL!

Akiko said...

Wow. What a accomplishment! I am a bit surprised to find that you have so much yarns. Would you like to make some Amigurumi for the toy society?
Would you deliver that at my door?!!

dee said...

"no more yarn until I use up some...????" That sounds like something I heard somewhere in the state of Tennessee...down's it,Palmer. A likely story-but a neat one!

Melody said...

You kill me!
Good work and a good start on a future mountain of yarn.

I admit I just bought two new skeins last week. Eek.

Kristin said...

egad, I wouldn't want yarns to be reproducing!!! You never know what might happen then!!

Kristin in SC

CB said...

Great job Brooke! That really is some accomplishment and you have amazing patience to sort the tangled mess. Sure I'd love the leftovers!