Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Girl's Day Out

Yesterday, I took my daughter to a newly-opened mall. There isn't much to do in Singapore if you want to stay out of the weather but go to the malls, and they are always opening new ones.
Well, this mall had a little kiosk called The Frosting Room. They sell cakes and cookies and pastries, all beautifully frosted. And they also sell cakes that you can frost yourself. They set you up with a little lazy susan to work on, and give you several colors and dried frosting flowers and let you go.
I suggested to my daughter that she might want to spend part of her birthday doing this with her friends, and idea she readily cottoned onto, but there was no special occasion for today's cake, so she just played around.

The frosting is a whipped cream frosting, and the brown is chocolate. The cake is vanilla, three layers, with fruit in one layer - red dyed pineapple and mandarin oranges. It was really very delicious and not gooey at all. Unfortunately, the cake is frozen when they give it to you, so you can't eat it right away.

We sat in Starbucks and snuck a couple of pieces - they really don't like you bringing outside food into the restaurants here, but we had to have a taste. It was a fun thing to do!


CB said...

Mmmm... Yummy colours too! What a great thing to do.

Akiko said...

This is so neat. What a fun place!! I must come back to do this there!

Keith Webb said...

where's the mall with The Frosting Room?