Monday, March 23, 2009

Going Off The Grid

It's been a while since my last post, and this week being Spring Break, I suggested to my daughter that we should go off the grid, i.e. stay off the computer.  But since I've already neglected my blog audience for so long, I felt I should make a post.  

Even tho my mental state is somewhat wonky these past weeks, I am still making things.  I have found crochet to be a very relaxing medium, and since we have no winter clothes to speak of (and will undoubtedly need them in our new habitat), I have been making warm fuzzy cuddly things.

I finally finished this scarf. I showed the start of it a while ago. I thought it would be longer, but one of the skeins ran out so I just ended it there. I'm happy enough with the length: it keeps my neck covered. And it's so soft. No more wool scarves for this girl!

This is a little hard to reconcile with the climate here in Singapore. Consequently, it looks totally dopey to me. But it is so soft and warm that I know I will overcome feeling silly and will wear it.

Or maybe I'll just enjoy feeling silly.

Actually, this hood looked so great on my daughter that I decided to make one for her, using white fuzzy yarn where I used blue for mine. I got started, but then I had to stop for a while because I was having a sore arm. That's the first time that's ever happened to me. Crocheting too much, I guess.

So, this is Spring Break Week, as I mentioned, and my daughter and I have planned the week out. I don't think I'll find any time to sneak into my studio, but who knows? She is planning on a sleepover tomorrow, so that might be my day. I'm thinking that the current quilt is going to be filed away for a time. I have all these great ideas of things I want to sew, and the UFO is just making me feel guilty. Maybe I'll finish that one, maybe not. But for now, I gotta follow my creative impulses. Soon enough the whole studio will need to get packed...yipes!


Akiko said...

You look GR8 with this hood on!
I used to wear those hood my mother crocheted when I was in elementary school. Yours looks much prettier tho. Back then, there weren't so much cute yarns, maybe. But I might have looked prettier! I was much younger back then......

CB said...

Very cute indeed! Of course it looks good on Glory - everything seems to! I want to see a picture of the white one on her.

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