Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Stress Monster Who Ate My Brain

I have discovered that stress really is a damper to my creativity. And the funny thing about it is, I don't really notice the stress. I notice it's effects. Not only does my creativity dry up, but all I wanna do is escape.

I'm tired all the time, my digestive system doesn't work properly, my sleep cycle is off...

but other than that, I feel fine!

Well, this weekend, after my daughter and I were viewing this blog, she got creative and decided to make this little guy.

Fleece with polyester fiberfill

Of course, being the meddlesome, overbearing mother that I am, I helped her do it. And it reminded me of some important things:

Even tho I don't feel like it, working on my art is an excellent way of working through the stress. It allows me to feel some control over my situation, and gives me a feeling of accomplishment.

Creating something beautiful is also very calming and stress diffusing. And it's not as painful as exercising, altho I really need to do that too....

So why all this stress?

Because we are planning a move this summer. Out of Singapore. And there's lots of unanswered questions like: where are we going? What will we do there? How will we make money? Where will my daughter go to school? And so forth and so on.

So yeah, plenty to stress about. But can I do anything to answer these questions or settle these issues? Not yet. And we're looking at June or July - months away still. 

Today I'm getting my haircut, going grocery shopping, and I have choir practice. I don't know if I will have time or energy to get into my studio. But, I did go for a long walk this morning. That was good.

And while I was out, I did a toy drop! My first in Singapore!

I made this guy last month, just for fun.

I wont say where I dropped him. If you watch the Toy Society's blog for the next couple of days, you will probably see him there, with his location disclosed. This also gave me a feeling of getting something accomplished this morning. I have wanted to do this for a while now, but have been a bit timid.  Don't want to get in trouble with the authorities...

So that's what's up with me.  What's up with you?


Exuberant Color said...

I do the instant gratification things when I am stressed. Just a small project that I can lose myself in but complete in a couple hours. That gets me back on track to creating and forgetting that I had stress.

Melody said...

I am hugging you from afar. I understand that stress. And I had a laugh at the 'overbearing meddling' part.

color addict said...

i'm ruled by my feelings ...and stress has sabotaged my mojo on more than one occasion... exercise and hobbies are great ways to combat the anxiety but in the thick of stress it seems near impossible....i give myself permission to adjust my expectations which helps me relax and get my mojo back.

Mistea said...

I am indulging my creativity while unemployed as it takes away the stress I would otherwise feel about the insecurity I feel when I don't have a regular day job and therefore income. I haven't tried anything new but have been practicing some crafts I have not done for at least a couple of years. Hope all is well with your creativity.

Marianne Bos said...

Great to see you back on line - we missed you! I hope the creative bug comes back real soon. If not you could always come for a coffee and forget about stressful things for a while (hugs are free too)

Ellen in MD said...

I agree entirely with you about the creative way to beat stress. Keep on keeping on!
And I love that cat. Is this a commercial pattern?

Anonymous said...

I love the toy drop idea. What a nice surprise for someone, what a great feeling to know that you have brightened someone's day.

Anonymous said...

Paraphrase please the message

Anonymous said...
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