Thursday, April 30, 2009

Some Welcome News

This morning my DH received two emails from the University of Potsdam.

They were both in German and had to be translated. Funnily enough, the first one informed us (in German, no less) that he would be permitted to submit his dissertation in English. However, he will have to submit a 10-page conclusion in German. Given the availability of translation software, this should not be a problem.

But this is not the acceptance letter we are waiting for, which he needs in order to request scholarships.

The second letter was from the International Scholar's office, to alert us that some forms are still missing for matriculation, but we knew that and we can do that after we arrive in Germany.

All of this is strangely anti-climactic seeing as we've been waiting for so long to find out where we're going from here. There are still hurdles to be jumped before we are certainly going to Berlin, but we are one step closer. I am having a hard time feeling anything about it, but I guess maybe I will later.

Limbo is not a nice place to visit, even for vacation.


Luxquilt said... are living in Europe in future? Germany is a beautiful country and next to Luxembourg (My home country) During your time in Germany you are allways welcome for a visit in Luxembourg :-)
Good luck!

Melody said...

Still holding my breath along with you...

dee said...

Oh Brooke what excitment! Germany is a beautiful place. Also one of the cleanest places you can imagine. You should chat with Kristen L who just moved to Hawaii after living in Germany for several years. We have friends who live in Vienna and Germany is famous as the birthplace of.....Me! I was born in Augsburg and spent a few early years in Munich. Crossing my fingers for you. I bet you would love it there. They're a little up-tight (see;my grandmother)but have great appreciation for artists of all types. You'd be perfect there.