Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day and Birthday Pictures

For Mother's Day this year, I requested a set of lino cutters. I became interested in the idea after watching this video on Geninne's Art Blog.

I mean, how could I not become interested? If you watched the video, I bet you are interested, too! Anyway, so my family got me a set of lino cutters, and I spent the morning (after eating these wonderful pancakes - recipe here)

playing around and making a stamp. Actually, I made 2: the stamp is double sided.

This is carved from a white plastic eraser. Very easy to cut. I made both a positive and a negative stamp: one side I carved away from the drawn lines and one side I carved into the drawn lines.

And here are the results. I'm pretty happy, altho I can tell this is a skill that needs lots of practice before my stamps will be as fine as Geninne's. And then maybe I can stamp my quilts!

The day before, as in the year of her birth, we celebrated my daughter's birthday. (In 1995, her actual birthday was the day before Mother's Day. It doesn't always happen that way every year.)

She went with two of her friends to a theme park here in Singapore and spent the day getting dizzy and wet.

Here they are, on the train going to the park, all wearing glowing earrings.

My camera seems to have some kind of short in the wiring because if I leave the batteries in it for any length of time, they run empty. And that is what happened on this day, so I didn't get many pictures. But I did post them to my Flickr account, if you are interested.

This is like the linkiest post I've ever made!

Also new and interesting: last week the AWA Choir gave its first two performances, one at a school for special needs kids and one in the lobby of a hospital. We had so much fun. We've had two of our performances cancelled due to the Swine Flu scare, but we picked up an extra one which will be this Thursday. And our final performance is on Sunday. I will miss going to practice twice a week. I've had so much fun and it has been just the best thing to distract me from the move and all the attending intricacies of that. But I guess it's time to focus on moving, anyway. Wahoo.
The choir is hoping to get someone to video tape our final performance, which we will then upload to YouTube. If it happens, I will post the link here.


Akiko said...

Happy Mother's Day. Did you make that pancake or Glory? It looks delicious.
Nice present from the family! Looking forward to see more of your stamps.
And finally, the rainbow birthday cupcakes look beautiful!!! Very very nice and fun to look at. Great photos!! What a great mother you are to Glory!

CB said...

Beautiful cupcakes. Love the birdie stamp too but it seems to take quite a bit of concentration to think through what to carve out with the negative effects and all... Very clever.

Anonymous said...

Ooh! I wish I'd thought to ask for lino cutters like you did! Have fun perfecting the technique!

Sharon said...

I'm a few days behind....but I wanted to comment on what a healthy attitude you've expressed about a "less than perfect" parent. I had one...and believe me, I know. You've focused on not being a victim and letting go of the things which might have damaged you - but you won't allow them to. GOOD FOR YOU!!! I enjoy your of luck with your upcoming move.