Thursday, September 3, 2009

Our Ikea Trip

Yesterday my hubby and I drove down to Atlanta to go to the Ikea I have visited twice with my sister. We got up early and, expecting the drive to take 2 hours, left at 7:30 so we could be there when the restaurant opens at 9:30 We love eating breakfast at Ikea. The trip only took 1 1/2 hours, tho! So we drove around Marietta for a bit; my husband lived there for a time before we met. He showed me the giant chicken at the KFC there and I took a picture on my phone. I don't know how to get those pictures onto the computer yet. But, luckily, a Google image search turned up this:

The beak opens and closes and the eyeballs rotate. Totally funny.

Some of the things we got there were:

New bedding! This pattern has a completely forgettable name - I don't speak Swedish! But I have loved it for a while. I was happy to note that the fabric is a bit softer and smoother than many of their duvet covers. Anyway, we love it.

And I got some of these tumblers. I left all my drinking glasses in Singapore, and altho I inherited some decent stemmed glasses, the bowl was just too small to have a big drink from. These are good for me because I am notoriously clumsly, and they are hard to break.

This was completely unnecessary. But it was ORANGE, and so my husband just put it on our cart. It was in the As-Is, and the stain is a bit wimpy. Methinks it will get painted, but probably not orange.

We got a bunch of other little things, not very interesting to post. And as we were checking out, I turned around and said to my husband, "I don't feel really good at all." It felt like flu, but today I feel pretty good, so maybe not. Then we just headed home and I went to bed. Today was a better day and now I am going to make some yummy food which I will blog about tomorrow.


Akiko said...

I got my bedding at IKEA last month. Guess what?!! We chose different ones. (^_^)
Maybe you are cooking something with some things you bought from Ikea food department??? Looking forward to your yummy post.

Brooke said...

I think this one is actually called Bibbi Snur. How's that for descriptive?

Melody Johnson said...

O I love love love that cart, and the bedding too. I understand about the glasses. I have similar ones and they hold a huge amount of drinks. I am never thirsty enough to finish one.
I remember that bedding in green and pink but not in B&W. Great looking!

CB said...

The duvet cover reminds me of your quilts. Did you do some colorful swirly round quilts at some point? Love the giant chicken.