Friday, September 4, 2009


Well, for dinner I made pasta with this complex sauce recipe I invented; you can find it here.

I took this picture after we had eaten.

Unfortunately, I didn't have any bell peppers for this recipe. My sister gave me some, but they had gotten fuzzy. So it wasn't as good as I usually make it. Also, I bought some mild Italian turkey sausage. Big mistake. I'm makin' my own from now on.

And then for dessert:

Nectarine Tart!

I adapted a very cute recipe I found here, making it smaller, basically since I only bought 3 nectarines. Dewishus!

Later, my daughter and the cockatiel gave us a duet.

And for breakfast?

Homemade blueberry waffles. My husband had them with apple butter, pears and syrup. Oh my.


Melody Johnson said...

Wow!!! I guess you are feeling much better. Sorry that the peppers went South. Mine too. The nectarine dish looks yummamente!

Akiko said...

Wow! I wished I was your neighbor so then I can just come to your house and do some sampling of all those yummy food!
BTW, what time are you getting up to cook such nice breakfast for family?

Brooke said...

Oh, Akiko - you are ascribing more virtue to me than I deserve. I woke up at 8 and only made the waffles for me and Terry. But even that didn't take long as I whipped the egg whites in the KitchenAid.

CB said...

Totally impressed! Love the nectarine tart in particular. You did recover fast!