Sunday, September 6, 2009

Saturday: Workday

I woke up yesterday morning to a painfully messy kitchen. I had stayed up late (10 pm) on Friday night watching Glee, which I loved BTW. I missed the first episode while I was in Singapore, and they ran a repeat of it, and I happened to catch it. Can't wait for the new season to start!

Anyway, so I knew I had to clean up the kitchen, but when my husband declared it a workday, I knew I was gonna finally get some other kitchen-related tasks finished, too.

After running the dishwasher with the previous day's dreck, I got to run it a second time with the "good" dinner plates that have been taking up floor space in a plastic bin. I washed all 936 pieces (it actually took a little over 2 loads) and found a place to put them in the cabinet - away from the dust.

This meant some minor rearranging, and I went around and around trying to decide what to move. Finally I came up with this solution:

This cart now houses, in addition to the Snapple, my two large Ikea jars of flour (whole and white) and a medium jar of sugar. There's some other baking-related items relocated to this piece of furniture, so it's thematic, mostly. Not counting the Snapple, of course.
That pretty piece of batiked fabric is an apron my friend Sharon Martin made me before she left Singapore 2 years ago. If you're out there, Sharon, Hi!

The pass-through had been an area for collecting stuff that didn't have any other home, making it impossible to use the toaster oven without causing a fire hazard, so I had more decisions to make before all that stuff got put somewhere and now we can use the toaster oven. The toaster oven which I think is too big, but now I guess I'll just try and live with it since it has such a nice home...I'm all indecision here. But at least the pass-through (misnamed, now) looks nice.

So I'm falling asleep Saturday night, and the thought comes to me that maybe I could allow myself to feel that this is home. It was a revelation. Of course, we wont be staying in this apartment very long (so she says) but the feeling of being home was surprising in that it has been absent for a while now. I'm not sure what it means, but I woke up this morning feeling happy.


Akiko said...

I totally understand what you are talking about " allow myself to feel that this is home," and feeling happy.
I've been living in different rental properties in different countries for the past so many years...
I don't now how long I'll be living in this house, but I feel this is our home for now and am happy, too.

CB said...

I know. It's like investing a bit of your heart when you call a place home. Maybe the resistance is from not wanting to let go when it becomes inevitable. We've finally bought balcony furniture after 4 years and still we're wondering, how long will we be here? Still, take a breather, put your feet up and enjoy your new home. Rearranging kitchen stuff can be so mentally draining. BTW you have a mighty dishwasher - cleaning over 900 pieces in 2 go's.