Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Walk in the Woods, Part 2

I've been workin' on the raaaillroad, all the livelong day.....

During a break in the recent rains we've been enjoying, we got out and took a hike in the woods near us. It was a beautiful fall day, warm in the sun with cool air, bright blue sky, everything I've been missing for the past several years.

Look at that sky!

I find nature can be so inspiring, even if it's manmade.
That's a joke, son.

At a glance, everything seemed to have come through the rains and flooding just fine.

But upon close inspection, we could see that the forest got flooded up to our waist height.
All the leaves were muddy.

But near the river, it was obvious the water had risen over our heads, as this bridge is that high. You can see it's covered with debris washed up by the floods.

Fall is on the way!


Akiko said...

Oh, SO SO beautiful. I miss fresh greeny green. I miss rain. It's just SO dry here in S. Cal. Thank you for sharing. Those photos were just what I needed.
Watch out for the trains!

Melody Johnson said...

What a great day with sunshine! Let's hope we see a few more of those soon.