Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Organization is Contagious

Somebody else gets into the action.

I showed my daughter my nice, neat, organized clothes closet, and she got inspired!  Seen here is a portion of those clothes she weeded out.  Man, she had a lot of clothes!  She filled 4 plastic shopping bags with her clothes, neatly folded.  (I only filled 3.)  And then, our Portuguese neighbors stopped by to inform us they would be moving out in the morning (they're going to Long Beach, California - lucky!) and they wanted to say goodbye.  My daughter whispered to me that their daughter (several years younger) might like to inherent some new/used clothes.  I hesitated, new clothes are not good to get after everything is packed, but the mom was agreeable.  My daughter brought the 4 bags over to their apartment, and was gone for an hour.  I just know the little girl was so thrilled to be paid the compliment of receiving clothes from my daughter, and I was a proud mom.  

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