Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Organization, Part 2

My bedroom closet, after...

Well, I didn't take any before pictures because I didn't actually plan to clean up my closet this morning.  I was just going to change the sheets on my bed.  But I keep the sheets, the bath towels, the kitchen towels, the beach towels, the wash cloths, and the placemats in the same cabinet that I keep my clothes.  And it was a terrible mess and over stuffed.  In a fit of something or other, I dragged everything out, spread it all out on the bed, refolded things, discarded other things, found new homes for some items, and wound up  with a much better looking closet.  My folded shirts are categorized by color, my hanging shirts are organized by color and sleeve length, and my folded bottoms are grouped by length: shorts or pants.  
You can see the spare bedsheets in the lower right hand cubby, and the cabinet above (not pictured) now has our towels, neatly collected.

Much better.  I feel so rich.

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