Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Color Fill

Well, here is the top completed.  I've left plenty of fabric off the edges for the seam I will sew when I bind it. But, I'm thinking that since the design is running off the edges, anyway, I might as well just trim it down, so it is a square again.  Or at least squared off.
My sense of this design is that it's all about color, and the color choices I made don't correspond to any recognizable pattern.  They're just random.  I like this effect, but I would also like to see the color choices more controlled.  So, I will make another one and limit my colors.  

That will be the first thing I make after the move.  So I will have plenty of time to dream about what colors to make it.


Mrs. Mel said...

Elegant, controlled, very well designed, great color choices, excellent execution. What more could anyone want?

Brooke said...

Wow. That's high praise. wow.