Sunday, April 13, 2008

Six Days Later...

...and I've only added one measley gear to the quilt!  What's going on??

Well, the good news is that we've found a new place.  The bad news is, now we have to move.
The good news is, it's only across the street and down the block from our old place.  The bad news is, now we have to move.

There's lots of blessings in this new condo.  But, of course, the first thing that gets packed is the last thing to get unpacked, and it's the thing the family can live without the easiest: my studio. Before I start packing, tho, I intend to finish this quilt up.  But for the past six days I have been very busily employed in the particulars (doesn't that sound official?).  

Hey - I would love to know your favorite tips for packing, moving, and cleaning.  Feel free to post or email me.


Anonymous said...

HI Brooke,
pack your own sewing/studio, then call in the packers and the cleaners. You unpack at the other end while the cleaners are cleaning out the old place, and it really doesn't take very long.
it is the best and easiest way, stops arguements about who is doing what and why aren't you helping etc. and the packers come in and are done the day before you move with the least bit of interruption. that's how I do it every couple of years.
All the best with the move

Barb said...

Listen to Elizabeth. 14 moves in 20 years - I speak from experience! Military hubby is now retired from that. We've been here 5 years, and I finally figured out that you have to clean the dead bugs out of light fixtures - I always figured when the fixtures were full it was time to move again.

Check to be sure the boxes are being labeled properly. When we moved back to the states from Australia, every single box in our entire shipment had been marked "miscellaneous." It was not as helpful as one might think.

Also - about that studio: Pack a box with the absolute minimum you need to function in a room. One for each room. Unpack those, then your studio, then the rest of the boxes.

Yea, good luck with that...