Wednesday, June 18, 2008

No Sketch

Well, there seems to be something deep down in my DNA that keeps me from being consistent. No sketch yesterday. But I did finish the hand!

I'm only half happy with this part. The colors were chosen because it had been suggested that I not use black as a contrast to the spectrum. So, I went with purple and gold. I also was interested in getting more earth tones in my quilts, so that's why the golds and browns are there. But I think the thing I really want to see is the lines I drew.

I'm coming back to the lines again. I know. But once I draw a line, I get so infatuated with it that I don't like to see it turn into a shape.

There are some fixes for this. I could cut thin black lines and curves and outline the colors - like a stained glass. Or I could quilt the outlines in black thread. This second idea is appealing to me. I would go around each shape many times, so it would look like a doodled or scribbled outline. But that will have to wait until the rest of the background is filled in. I have all that time to talk myself out of it, if I'm gonna.

The quilt has a life of its own now. I will have to see what it says.

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