Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Sketching Continues

Well, I continue to be surprised by the final result of the day's sketch. Working in marker is really challenging, and I usually am not real happy with the contours. But once I fill in the shadows, things start to look better and better. Both yesterday's and today's sketches are a bit awkward and wont be going into a frame anytime soon, but I'm still pleased.

My goal is to do this quickly, even tho I know my drawing classes were 4 hours long. I don't want to spend half the day, I just want to have a small success, do something that requires me to see more than I usually do, and have something to blog about. Ok, that last one isn't a priority. But it is a bonus! And I know it's common knowledge that this type of discipline opens up creativity in many ways.

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Mrs. Mel said...

I see the thinking in this one and again am way impressed. I am shocked that you have to heat the water to wash your dishes. O my!
But the drawings you are making are so wonderful. I hope they are in a sketchbook so they can be saved.