Monday, June 16, 2008

Thumbs Up

Well, late in the afternoon I found time to get into my studio and do some work. First I had to dig out my work area - cluttered again. Story of my life.

I had previously chosen the colors and cut out the pattern pieces for the palm of my hand, but after almost two weeks of not looking at this project, I realized I needed to change two of the pieces. So I replaced them and was happier.

After working with patterns for several months now, I have determined that it's best to overlay the fabric on the drawn pattern, and to actually do some light fusing right onto the pattern, in order to stay within the lines, as it were. Since I use the release paper from the Wonder Under as my pattern paper, anyway, this is not a problem. I just need to be careful not to transfer the drawn lines onto the back of the fabric while I'm pressing them, because they can be seen through the lighter fabrics. But this doesn't happen if I just use a light touch with the iron. ( See the original pattern here.)

In this case, no lines were transferred, but I maintained the original shape that I started with. It's amazing how far off one can get with fabric that stretches just a little.

In the few minutes I had before I needed to get dinner started, I went ahead and did the thumb. The notch at the top will be filled in with fabric later to give a transparency effect. Kinda hard to explain.

Actually, showing my work in progress reminds me of those While You Were Out programs, where the home owner can't see the designer's vision and feels anxious. I can't explain my vision to everybody. Well, I guess I could, but it's more fun to just let things unfold. Besides, sometimes my vision changes mid-stream, and sometimes it's just hard to articulate. I guess you'll just have to hang in there.

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