Monday, June 23, 2008

Trip to Ikea

Monday was Go To Ikea Day. Since this takes over an hour on the bus, we don't make the trip frivolously. Nor spontaneously. My main objective was a new laundry drying rack, as you will see, but I also got a trash can for my living room, a tree for my daughter to hang her necklaces on, some trivets which will be covered in fabric and mounted to the wall in my daughter's room so she can use pushpins to put up stuff, and some light bulbs. We also met with Dad to have lunch together.

This is my old drying rack. It's sufficient, but it wont fit on my little balcony. So, we have to look at drying clothes in my dining room, which can be uncomfortable for my daughter's 14 year old friend-who-is-a-boy. Also, it's a little cramped in there!

Here is the new one. Taadaa! It is about 2 feet square and 5 feet tall, and is adjustable as far as the shelves go. It holds tons of laundry, and best of all - it can sit outside and be out of the way.

Here are the before and after shots of the cork trivets turned into a decorative item for a teenage girl's room.

This is the tree I mentioned for displaying necklaces. It's not necessarily sold for that purpose, but what do we care? It works.

We had to hire a 7-seater taxi to get us home since the drying rack was so big. But it only cost us half of what having Ikea deliver it would have cost, plus we didn't have to wait.

Isn't Ikea the best?

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bentley said...

Hi. I got here by Googling for Ikea dryer racks. Do you remember the Ikea name of your drying rack? It looks like the kind of rack I'm looking for. Thanks.