Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Favorite Day

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A day I keep revisiting. Let me just pause in the moment. Aaaaah.

On Wednesday night, we finally arrived at our destination: High View Cottage in Uttoxeter, Derbyshire, UK. This bed and breakfast was as new and shiny at the previous one was old and full of character.

And they were doing construction on at as we stayed there. It was so unworthy of being photographed; I think this is the only picture in the whole bunch. Never mind. We spent a comfortable night there, got up the next morning and ate a hearty English breakfast (eggs, bacon, sausages, potatoes, tomatoes, mushrooms and beans) and headed off to Chatsworth House.

As you approach the House, you have to drive through part of the 1800 acres or so, and there are sheep everywhere. They get on the road some, but mostly they stay in the grass.

This is not the first view of the house. But I just wanted to give you and idea of the scale and the grandeur. On the far right is where one enters the house, and in the middle is an open courtyard. The actual house in the part on the left.

But the house was closed when we arrived - it didn't open for another half hour. And since the weather wasn't wet (yet), we decided to walk around on the grounds for a while and take in the sights.

And what wonderful sights! Aside from the beauty of the gardens and the buildings, we had such wonderful contact with the wild and domesticated animals here, as you will see. To me, it felt kind of like an eden.

Not only do they have sheep, but they have a herd of deer on the grounds. These were not very friendly, we couldn't even get close.

But the ducklings were very interested in the potato chips we were carrying. So cute.

We wandered the grounds for a while, and then came upon the maze, which we spent an hour in, I think. We didn't find the center on our first attempt - it was a good maze! But I heard some very loud chirping coming from the hedge at one point, and I stopped our mini parade to check it out.

There they were, perfectly at ear level, baby birds!


Well, I think I'd better stop here for now before I crash this blog. I will pick it up from the maze tomorrow...


CB said...

How beautiful! I love the way you stopped and noticed the chirping and found the little treasures - I'd probably miss the whole thing!

Mrs. Mel said...

This is the BEST BLOG EVER. Great fotos and how gorgeous a place to visit. You were so lucky to see it all.