Friday, August 1, 2008

Chatsworth, Part Two

After we gave up on the maze, we headed over to the rose garden.

We passed the Cascade. There are signs on the sides advising caution if you enter the water, as if people do it all the time!

"Welcome to my humble abode."

The roses smelled so strong and sweet! And there were tiny strawberries planted in all the beds. This put me and my daughter in mind of it being lunch time, so we headed towards the nearest snack bar. We sampled Britain's famous "pasties" - she had ricotta and spinach, I had bacon and egg. They were delicious and also very attractive.

Duck attractive, that is.

I got my fingers bit more than once, but I couldn't resist giving her more. She jumped like a puppy, as soon as she saw I had food in my fingers. Too funny.

Fully bolstered from our delicious meal, and since the weather was still holding out, we decided to go and check out the Farmyard and Adventure Playground!

...where we saw:

Guinea pigs!
And a very nice mare who asked me to scratch her face for her.  I complied.
And sheep that we could pet!

And look at that face!

Here's a face only a mother could love.
There were several goats.
And chickens!  I love chickens!

This one has a funny head.

Squeal with me.
They had a time for interacting with some of the animals, namely the guinea pigs and the goats.  We had to wait almost an hour for this to happen, and my husband had to get out due to his asthma, but my daughter and I waited so she could handle a guinea pig.  They are such docile creatures.  This one just nearly fell asleep.
And the little goats just wanted to climb anything and everything.  This poor guy was just crouching to take a picture of his daughter playing with one of the goats when the other one got on his back.
It was after this that it finally decided to rain. So we made our way indoors for more thrills of a different kind.


Mrs. Mel said...

I love this place. It had to be the highlight of the trip.

Princess of The Golden Thread said...

Hi Brooke, Have travelled over to your blog from Melody's to visit, and you've reeaally got my attention. What a gorgeous place! And I swear that the mare, the goats, the sheep, the cow and the sleeping pig are all smiling!

Never visited England, but you're tempting me.