Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Blenheim Palace

Well, you can see the weather remained consistent after Oxford. It was quite gloomy when we arrived at the Palace, and it was terribly expensive to get in! Something like 48 pounds for the whole family. Ouch! This was particularly disturbing since we knew we didn't have much time to investigate as we had a reservation at our next b&b - and we were miles and miles away.

But, we persevered and trudged through the house, where none of us bothered to take pictures.
Was this because they don't allow it? Doubtful. Was it because there was nothing worthy of photographing? Not at all. I'm not sure why we didn't take any pictures. In too much a hurry, perhaps. In any case, I know I felt saturated with elegance and wealth and history by the time we left an hour later.

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