Friday, July 25, 2008

After Bath

The city of Bath, England closes up shop at approximately 5 pm every day.  Not like Singapore!

We drove back to Seend and spent our second, and last night at Cleeve House.  
In the morning, we had another wonderful breakfast, proceeded by tea in the room. Delightful!

I really enjoyed my time there and will remember it fondly.

Not so much our time in Oxford, where we headed next.

My DH had a date to visit a man who works at the Oxford Center for Mission Studies, and he got to sit in on a lecture. My daughter and I ran around in town for almost two hours. It would have been lovely, but it was raining non-stop, and we got drenched.

Sure, I'm smiling here. But I was just happy to get in the car and drive.

Someone at the OCMS suggested we should visit Blenheim Palace on our way to our next stop, and it wasn't on our itinerary, but we decided to check it out. The only thing I know about Blenheim is that it is where Winston Churchill was born.

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